iHS is a company which specialises in services within the hotel sector.
The company has solid experience in the management of hotel cleaning, housekeeping and porterage services.

Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.

Albert Szent – Gyorgyi

iHS is a dynamic, constantly growing organisation that employs highly trained , certified personnel who are updated continuously with courses and workshops designed to keep them up to date with equipment and technology. iHS uses innovative equipment and products and operates with flexibility to satisfy all the needs of the hotel.
iHS brings out the best in every establishment it works in, with their professionalism, attention to detail and passion.


iHS for a specific target of interest
IHS’s experience in the field of integrated services allows us to offer specific services for the tourism/hotel sector, guaranteeing competence and professionalism.

A global Partner
Just one external operator running all of a hotel’s non- core activities (from HR to product supply, the maintenance of green areas, the establishment itself and the cleaning of all areas)

A tailor made service
Offering a customised solution for our customers is a key element of our service plans. iHS aims to share with its customer:
- The identity of the operators (uniforms, behaviours, internal rules);
- A loyalty program in tune with the corporate identity of the facility.

A Guaranteed price
iHS contracts the cost of each targeted intervention, allowing the hotel to reduce internal costs and keep the service offered to its guests unaltered.

Organizational structure

iHS has a functional organisational structure that guarantees operational efficiency with its highly specialised departments.